We are going through a Daddy phase.

It started a few months ago.  The emotional side of me thinks it started when I changed jobs a few months ago and went back to work full time.  The logical side of me knows that it started before that and has very little to do with the hours I work.  

Each night, we sit together, snuggled on the couch while he has his bedtime bottle.  I treasure this time when I can pretend that he is still a baby.  The second he finishes the last sip he pushes off, slides down onto the floor, walks over to Daddy and climbs in his lap and lays his head down on his shoulder.  It is one of the sweetest moments between a father and son I've ever witnessed and I get to watch it everynight!  

But sometimes Daddy needs a break from the bedtime routine.  And sometimes Mommy wants to enjoy the sweet moments of putting her baby to bed. 

I got home late from work tonight, and was lucky enough to get home while Little B was still awake since he has been staying up later the past few days.  He was in great spirits and we played a little bit before he started showing signs that it was time for bed.  My husband is very thoughtful about the current Daddy phase and asked if I wanted to put him to bed.  Sure, no problem, I'll put him to bed tonight.  Oh, Lord.  Then the wheels came off the wagon.  


The second I stepped away from Daddy the meltdown began.

I pressed onward believing that once we were in his room, a little song and a little dance would have him snuggled on my shoulder in no time.  WRONG! Pushing away from me with all of his 15 month old might.  Crying so hard he could barely breath.

There was no reason to put him through this since Daddy was available. I know that it is a habit we should break, but it was heart wrenching to see him so upset. I caved in and had Daddy put him to bed.  In all fairness it didn't exactly go smoothly for Daddy either.  

Maybe I'll lick my wounds and try again tomorrow.  Or maybe I'll sit and have a glass of wine while Daddy does bedtime duty!

What is the bedtime ritual at your house?  How do you handle toddler rejection?


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