Bringing a new baby homeThe day after my husband Tom and I decided to start a family, I started doing my research on pregnancy, baby gear, and parenting, all in a time before Pinterest.  It took a little bit longer to have a baby than we expected (which will be the subject of many other posts I'm sure) and I continued to do my research.  I became facinated with learning about pregnancy, parenting, and baby gear.  

"Little B" finally arrived in February of 2012 and we had finally acheived our goal of being parents. As any parent knows, that was just the beginning of our adventures.  There have been highs and lows, struggles and triumphs.  It has taught Tom and I a lot about ourselves as well the friends and family that support us in our journey as a family.  

I was fortunate to be able to work part time until LIttle B was a year old.  I recently accepted a full time job with one of Boston's fastest growing technology companies.  This change along with our baby becoming a toddler has us on our toes.  

I have a pretty no-nonsense style of parenting and while I love being a mom, I am not afraid to admit that it isn't all giggles and baby powder.

When I'm not chasing my busy toddler I love cooking and baking, going to the beach or being out on the water in the summer, and playing in the snow in the winter.  

I look forward to sharing my open and honest experiences while Raising My Family.  

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