Morning From Hell aka The Super Moon Possessed My Toddler

It was only 8:30am and I was already in need of a nap!  

My morning started at 5:12am when Little B awoke ready the tackle the day.  After a large..

When Only Daddy Can Get Baby To Sleep

We are going through a Daddy phase.

It started a few months ago.  The emotional side of me thinks it started when I changed jobs a few months ago and..

Never Too Early To Start Your Child Doing Laundry

15 month old toddlers are incredible mimics and they love to push buttons.  

Actual buttons.  Not just emotional ones; they like those too.  But I..

Exercising With A Toddler, Day 1

This kid makes me laugh.  

And getting up and excercising was totally worth this laughter.  

I made the promise to myself last week that when Little B..

6 Tips for Flying With Small Children

Traveling with kids is no easy task.

Since my son was born I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel frequently. As he as gotten a..


The day after my husband Tom and I decided to start a family, I started doing my research on pregnancy, baby gear, and parenting, all in a time before..