As an American mother, I take for granted many of the things that mothers around the world struggle to provide for their children.


Education, Healthcare, Food, and especially clean water.  I have had the good fortune to hear Scott Harrison from charity:water speak twice in the last few months.  Both times were extremely moving.  

The idea of on not being able to provide for my child or worse having no choice but to give him something that you know is dangerous to their health is heartbreaking.  Mothers around the world are not agonizing over the choice between breastmilk or formula, or organic vs. all-natural, they are walking several hours a day carrying 40-80 pounds of water to be able to provide their families with water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.  And in most cases the water quality is so low that we would hesitate to swim in it, never mind drink or cook with it.  

charity:water started when founder Scott Harrison dedicated his birthday to raise money towards providing clean water for the nearly 800 million people without it around the world.  Since that day in 2006, charity:water has funded almost 9000 water projects in over 20 countries.

 100% of all donations go directly to water projects.  Every dollar of every donation is tracked and reported back to the donor by email.  All donors are given information about the water project that their dollars support.  


This year I am donating my birthday to charity:water.  Their annual September campaign is dedicated to wiping out the water crisis in Orissa, a rural part of India.  Through their local partner Gram Vikas, who has been working for 39 years to provide clean drinking water to this region, charity:water is going to bring clean water to 100 villages in India.  


As you brush your teeth, give your child a bath, wash dishes, or make a cup of coffee this morning think about famliies that don't have clean water.  

My goal is to raise $1000, enough to provide 2 families in Orissa with clean water and private bathing and toilet facilities.   Let's work together to give these famlies the gift of clean water, improved health, dignity, and hope.  

Water changes everything.

Join my campaign!