15 month old toddlers are incredible mimics and they love to push buttons.  


Actual buttons.  Not just emotional ones; they like those too.  But I digress.  

LIttle B, aka The Button Pusher, started turning on the dishwashers in Nana's kitchen about a month ago.  I saw that there was a button with the image of a key on it, so I looked up the Owner's Manual online to learn how to lock it.  Easy, hold lock button until it beeps and a red light appears, to unlock to the same until the red light goes out.  

Fast froward a few weeks and whenever he arrives at Nana and Grandpa's he goes into the kitchen and locks the dishwashers himself.  He clearly had watched nana do it enough times that he knew it was part of the arrival routine.  

Little B loves to hang out in the laundry room and open and close the doors to the washer and dryer, he gets particularly excited when the buttons beep as he pushes them.   

Yesterday, after his morning workout, he was playing in the laundry room and discovered that lifting the lid to the hamper revealed a treasure trove of playthings.  Dirty laundry, more specifically a pile of cloth napkins waiting to be laundered.  

Faster forward to this morning.  I transfered a load out of the dryer and was hanging some line dry items on hangers when I noticed he was taking napkins and dishtowels out of the hamper and putting them in the dryer.  He put several items in and then shut the door.  Then pushed the start button and stood back to watch the magic happen.  

I think I need to start paying more careful attention to to the rountines in our house.  Keep teaching him the right things and not have him learn my bad habits.  Maybe next week I'll teach him how to put the detergent in the washing machine. 
What routines has your toddler picked up on?  I need ideas for his next trick!

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