It was only 8:30am and I was already in need of a nap!  

My morning started at 5:12am when Little B awoke ready the tackle the day.  After a large helping of milk failed to induce food coma allowing us to get a little more sleep, B and I got up and went downstairs.  The whole family didn't need to awake with the birds.

We promptly read every book in our library, some of them several times, and then we went about terrorizing the dog (who was equally feisty), pushing every button within reach, and  generally get into anything that he could.  I tried playing a baby Einstein DVD someone had given us a few months ago.  I figured something new would capture his interest.  Before the disk had gotten past the Federal Warning and the opening credits, he stood up on his tippy toes and pushed the button on the DVD player turning it off.  I turned it back on, and within minutes he had found the remote and changed the channel.In a desperate attempt to maintain my sanity, I decided to take B to the beach.  We'd had a lovely morning there the day before and I figured he could burn off some energy.  

My usual coffee place was not open so early on a Sunday morning, so I stopped to grab a coffee along the way at a place I don't usually go.  This place should have been my first clue that our beach adventure was doomed.  It was dirty, but I was desperate and this was the last place between me and the beach.   Yes, I needed caffeine that badly.  

We arrived at our favorite beach spot, unloaded our beach gear into the jogger and off we went.  We rolled onto the sand to discover the ball we had left there the day before waiting for us!  The only thing that was going to go right for us.


I dumped out the sand toys, but B was more interested in our long lost ball.  We chased it up and down the beach a little ways when we encountered a swarm of sand flies.  I tried everything to get away from them. They were everywhere, and as I tried to swat them away from my sweet fair haired, pale skinned boy their black boddies got smooshed all over him, and then they turned to me.  If I fanned them away from him they were all over me.  If I fanned them off of me, they were all over him  I ran away from the original spot we encountered them but they followed us.  I put his baseball hat on him to protect him, but they just got caught under the bill.  I went back to our things further up the beach and they continued to swarm us.  I put him back in the stoller so I could pack up but the sandflies swarmed him again.  With my 24 pound toddler on my hip, I frantically gathered our things to leave as quickly as we came. Tossing everything in the seat of the stroller and headed for the street.  Sadly, I think we left the ball again.  



Down the short dirt access road we bumped along, spilling my dirty store coffee all over the jogger.  Away from the sand we managed to escape our attackers.  But I wasn't risking going back.  

I snugged B into his carseat and then set about making sense of the pile of beach gear I'd haphazardly tossed into the stroller.   With the sand toys and our beach bag reorganized I folded the stoller and tossed it in the back of the vehichle only to catch a wiff of dog poop.  I'd rolled the jogger through it.  Ugh!  

I boogied on home enjoying the beauty of the morning, bummed that we had not been able to take advantage of it.  By the time we made the 15 minute drive home, Little B was fast asleep, clearly he was not scarred by our experience. I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof and the tailgate. I carefully removed all of the items that had been at the beach from the car for fear that the sandflies had taken refuge in our belongings.  

I left the beach blanket, beach towels, bag, sand toys and the smelly jogger right in the driveway/front yard to air out.  My husband came out onto the front porch wondering A) why were we home so soon and B) why had a tossed all our belonging all over the front yard.  As I retold this story he tried not to laugh at our escapades, but it was hard not to.  

I prepared breakfast for B as Daddy headed out to take our dog for a walk.  He promised to return with bagels and clean coffee.  

As Little B finished his breakfast it started to rain hard.  I grabbed him, ran outside, strapped him back into his carseat, ran all over the yard collecting our things before they got soaked, all while hoping that the dog poop would get washed off the stroller.  I jumped back in the car onto a soaking wet seat, closed the sunroof, and drove off to rescue my husband from the rain.  I didn't make it to the end of the street before it had stopped raining.   I turned back home and unloaded B once again.  

My husband returned a little while later with the much appreciated bagels and coffee.  Laughing once again at my running through the rain.  It hadn't rained where he was.  How's that for a gray cloud hanging over me?

The day turned around and was filled with playing with bubbles, taking a swim at a sandfly free pool,  dinner at Nana and Grandpa's and the smoothest bedtime we've experienced in weeks.  Looking forward to leaving this Super Moon behind and seeing what tomorrow has in store for us.  

Super Moon Photo Credit: James Merecki

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