RMF Confession #1.  

When Little B was an infant he was an excessive drooler.  

There I said it.  It was a little embarrassing. His clothes were always wet, my clothes were always wet.  It was a constant source of mild frustration. And he was always wearing a bib.  Now that I admit this and am looking at pictures I notice how many bibs I owned.  The bibs were so boring.   Then enter my love affair with Etsy, and my discovery of bandana bibs.

Bandana bibs

I bought several, they coordinated with his outfits and were perfect for any occasion.    I got these from Francesca Baby.  I even bought one to coordinate with his outfit for my brother's wedding so that he wasn't covered in drool in all the pictures.  

We gracefully exited the Land of Perpetual Drool, and I buried the cute bandana bibs in the bottom drawer of his dresser.  

Fast forward to RabidChipmunk/Holy Molars phase we have entered as Little B cuts FOUR molars at once.  I had completely forgotten about my beloved bandana bibs.  Turns out they are the answer to my problems once again!! 

Turns out they are super handy for snack time in the car too!  Not so big that they are in the way of the carseat straps but just enough coverage to prevent animal crackers from being ground into everything!!

Bandana Bibs for toddlers

What handy items have you repurpased as your little one has grown?  

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